Kids…. Their innocent smile

Kids…. Their innocent smile, those twinkling eyes, the lovely banter they indulge in, their wide imagination, their made-up tales, perhaps all this attracted me to the profession (i.e) teaching.
Earlier, I taught middle school kids in UAE, that had been a different kind of experience. It so happened, fortunately for me a grade-1 teacher resigned due to some personal commitments and I willingly obliged to take up that class. The grade-1 group was a curious lot. Unending questions, fumbling to get the right word to express themselves, because English was a foreign language which they were beginning to learn, their intriguing nature kept me occupied most of the times, I smiled at myself at home thinking about their amusing answers.
Well, when I took up teaching in India after marriage, thanks to late Mr. Latheef Nazeer Ahmed whose Montessori school I joined, I never ever imagined or thought that I would own a Montessori school someday. I was apprehensive at first but then I was kids…. Struck!
Kids …. Their vulnerability, ever eager to learn, the love and warmth, lovely smile forgive and forget attitude…. engulfed me. So…. there I go….. still caught up in that trance of the wonderful world of kids and being a teacher.
Kids…. You are simply wonderful!

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